Servicing of Electrical Installation

The Servicing of Electrical Installations is one of QPM’s fortes. Our skilled personnel have extensive experience in preventive scheduled maintenance, calibration of protection relays, on-demand corrective servicing of High Tension (HT) switchgears and transformers, as well as Low Tension (LT) switchboards installed within a premise.

We have carried out maintenance servicing in various sectors such as PowerGrid sub-stations, and buildings from the government, commercial, retail and industrial sectors. With our experience, we are able to provide value-added services to many organisations in both public and private sectors.

QPM offers a unique and comprehensive servicing regime, covering the three stages –

  1. Pre-Servicing Activities
  2. Servicing Activities, and
  3. Post-Servicing Activities

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The benefits of engaging QPM for the Servicing of Electrical Installations are namely in ensuring:-

  • The maintenance of high voltage apparatus in accordance with Energy Market Authority’s guidelines and manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • A safe and effective operation of an electrical system with minimum risk of breakdown and consequent interruption of power supply.
  • Enabling a written technical report providing critical data and recommendations after maintenance servicing work, allowing management to have a better understanding of the condition of their electrical system and the areas that require their attention.

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