Pre-Conditioning Monitoring and Testing of Electrical Facilities


QPM’s Pre-Conditioning Monitoring function includes services like preventive and predictive maintenance of electrical systems. Preventive maintenance is currently the most widely accepted approach to maintaining electrical equipment, and predictive maintenance takes advantage of proven cause-symptom-effect relationships to predict the need for corrective actions.

A Complete Programme

Infrared Thermographic Scanning

Infrared Scanner measures the surface temperature of objects and gives fast and valuable answers to questions about the operating condition without requiring shutdown. It is a non-contact means of identifying electrical components that are hotter than they should be – often an indication of areas of impending power failure.

Partial Discharge Measurement

We are able to detect and locate damaging discharges from High Tension (HT) equipments using the Partial Discharge Locator (PDL1) or the Ultra Probe UE 10,000. The PDL1 uses the Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) principle and has the capability of partial discharge detection and locating the source of any discharge. The Ultra Probe UE 10,000 uses the Ultrasound principle and is able to detect any phase-to-phase discharge. This has been found to be effective when detecting discharge in dry-type transformers.

Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Analysis

With a laboratory analysis report of the oil sample collected from an on-site transformer, we are able to evaluate the quality of the transformer oil. Periodic monitoring of the oil quality enables one to trend and foresee the rate of oil quality deterioration, and thus allows better planning for the next replacement.

How QPM can enhance your assets;

  • Predict possible problems
  • Proven cause-symptom-effect relationships to predict the need for corrective actions
  • Assisting in the timing and planning of scheduled repairs and maintenance
  • Rectify defects in order to prevent equipment deterioration
  • Follow-up with an appropriate maintenance programme
  • Reduce downtime by avoiding unplanned shutdown
  • Pre-conditioning monitoring able to carry out with no power interruption to the premises
  • Cost attractive and effective maintenance approach

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