Power Quality and Engineering Analysis Services

Tool-Box-meetingQPM’s Power Quality Engineering and Analysis Services enable both predictive and preventive maintenance on electrical systems for all industry sectors. Through power quality analysis, QPM is able to furnish clients with valuable information on electrical system disturbances and their possible causes. Problem conditions throughout the electrical system can then be detected and resolved before the occurrence of equipment malfunction, damage or failure equipment.

A Comprehensive Package

Preventive / predictive maintenance

  • Identify source and frequency of events
  • Establish precise location and timing of events
  • Develop maintenance schedules based on power quality profile and trends

Determine the need for mitigation

  • Monitor and trend electrical system conditions
  • Analyse harmonics, voltage sag/swell, power factor corrections
  • Make recommendation based on documented trends

Ensure equipment and system performance

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and backup systems
  • Power quality mitigation solution

Assess sensitivity of equipment

  • Evaluate performance against equipment specifications
  • Compare current and voltage variation

Provide benchmark of overall system performance

  • Measure building base load to determine value accurately
  • Ascertain the reliability of tying transformers together
  • Ascertain the level of harmonics in the electrical system
  • Provide understanding on the demand profile of the chiller system

Improve building energy consumption

  • Identify electrical loading versus demand
  • Monitor peak load to determine effectiveness of contracted capacity

A technical paper on On-line Power Quality Monitoring of a Commercial Building in Singapore presented at the International Power Quality Conference held from 21-25 October 2002 at Suntec Singapore is available for download.

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