Licensing of Electrical Installations


QPM started off primarily with providing licensing services for electrical installations, and we have since grown to provide a full suite of services to cater to the ever-growing needs of our clients. However, we continue to place strong emphasis on having a strong foundation in licensing services.  It is with this focus that we have upgraded all our inspections into “Benchmark Inspections”.

Benchmark Inspections – Since 1st June 2013, our licensing team have been using tablets to carry out our licensing inspection duties. Capitalising on the capabilities of mobile computing, we are now able to capture, store and analyse our clients’ electrical installation data from our inspections. With such data, we are now able to trend the data over-time and thus are in a better position to advise our clients.

The advantages from a Benchmark Inspection include ;

  • Enabling clients to receive a draft inspection report immediately after the inspection, with the final report received in a more efficient and timely manner, and
  • Storing of soft copies of the inspection reports for instant retrieval and document filing completeness.

This new process highlights QPM belief in committing resources to continuously improve our service level.


The Responsibilities of the Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) 

The licensed engineer shall ensure all electrical installations and generator sets (if any) as installed at the property are in compliance with the Energy Market Authority of Singapore (EMA)’s requirements.

The licensed engineer shall check and inspect all electrical installations and generator sets (if any) at the property and to advise the functionality of the electrical system.

EMA’s requirements: Frequency of Inspection

  • One-month interval for temporary electrical installation
  • Six-month interval for condominiums & multi-tenanted buildings
  • Twelve-month interval for commercial & retail units

Upon completion of the scheduled checking and inspection, the licensed engineer shall furnish the client with an inspection report.

The licensed engineer shall recommend modification and rectification, where necessary, to existing electrical installations and generator sets (if any) to comply with EMA’s requirements and/or improve the installations and generators reliability and performance.

The licensed engineer shall endorse as the property’s licensed engineer on Power Supply Form CS/3 for electrical loading application on tenants’ additions and alterations works.

Fee chargeable by the Licensed Engineer

Where the tenants’ applied electrical loading exceeds 45kVA, such installation shall be licensed by the tenants’ own licensed engineer.

The licensed engineer shall keep an up-to-date set of single-line drawings of the property for the purpose of maintaining up-to-date record of all modification, rectification, additions and alteration works to existing electrical installations and generator sets (if any) and submit a set to EMA for records.

The licensed engineer shall submit application or renewal application to EMA to obtain a licence to operate the electrical installation for a period of twelve months.

The licensed engineer shall provide 24 hour call-back service and shall expeditiously attend to all breakdown calls relating to the electrical installations and generator sets (if any) at the property and give recommendation to the client.

This call-back service is chargeable.

(Link to citing the EMA handbook) –

For CS3 Application form download  “CS3-Form-Page-1-5

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