iQPM – 24/7 Online Monitoring & File Management

With access via the internet and a mobile-platform, you can instantly view information such as power quality monitoring and simultaneously analyse data with your working groups anytime, anywhere.

iQPM is categorised into three basic and easily-customised modules to suit your needs:

  • On-Line Power Quality and Energy Management Module
  • File Management Module
  • Facility Management Module

A couple of iQPM samples are featured below.

Remote Metering

With the availability of live data, this sub-module makes the time-consuming and tedious process of physically taking readings from your meters a thing of the past. In-built diagnostic tools enable escalation processes to be automated, with users being notified via SMS and/or email of any disturbance (eg. tripping, breaching of minimum or maximum thresholds) deemed severe or a potential hazard.



Power Quality Summary

iQPM compares your power quality data with local utility guidelines and international standards (IEEE 519) before providing you with a power quality analysis summary. Any reading falling outside the predefined parameters is highlighted and further analysis can be obtained by a graphical representation of the data, indicating the date and time of each reading.



On-Line File Management

The File Management module provides you with access to your documents online anytime, anywhere. This access makes your work process more productive, efficient and environmentally-friendly as online reports and documents are automatically updated by QPM.

With QPM managing your documents online, you will have a complete set of documents, while making the storage and retrieval of documents a breeze.

Our online document system allows QPM to act as our clients; depository for electrical documents. Clients will be able to access their documents anytime anywhere, overcoming the hassle of searching for documents whenever they are needed.

To download a copy of the iQPM brochure, please click here.

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