Energy Management Services


For both new and old buildings, energy consumption has always been one of the key criteria that need to be controlled. Poor energy efficiency will incur more cost due to energy loss. By optimising the energy usage, cost savings can be achieved.

Our Focus

  • Analyse monthly utility bills for HT installation
  • Assess load profile for buildings
  • Identify savings from electrical usage
  • Ascertain areas to be improved to lessen energy loss (such as power factor improvement)
  • Identify most relevant contracted capacity to be declared
  • Identify peak loads during building operation

Your Returns

  • Savings for HT installation by declaring the most appropriate contracted capacity
  • Decrease in electrical utility bills by improving the energy efficiency
  • Enhancement of building energy distribution to their tenants
  • Improvement of load balancing for building

A technical paper on Singapore Turf Club’s Cost-Saving Solution for its Floodlights System  (presented at IPEC 2005) is available for download.

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