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Oct 2015 QPM’s LEW Course – Our Very Own
Somchai Virabhak
QPM’s LEW Course – Our Very Own – Linked in post
Mar 2014 Voltage Dip & Its Mitigation Voltage Dip And Its Mitigation – An Overview
Jan 2014 Saving Energy Thru Voltage Reduction Saving Energy Thru Voltage Reduction.pdf
May 2010 The Singapore Engineer
Proactive Energy Market
The Singapore Engineer.pdf
2005 IPEC 2005 (Singapore Turf Club)
Cost-Savings Solution for it Floodlights System
IPEC 2005 STC.pdf
2004 Fluke 2004
Power Quality Case Study
Nov 2003 IPEC 2003
The 6th International Power Engineering Conference
IPEC 2003.pdf
Oct 2002 IPQC 2002
Proceedings International Power Quality Conference 
IPQC 2002.pdf