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QPM pioneers cutting-edge and web-enabled applications to many organisations in both public and private sectors. Our clients include high-tech industrial parks, data and communication centres, financial trading outfits, government bodies, petrochemical plants and premium offices.

To deliver high quality services to our clientele type, QPM staff need to be a cut above the rest. We make the effort to grow with our staff, taking our profession seriously and with high regard.

Staff Training – Our staff face real-world scenarios across various industry types daily. To excel in this profession, QPM is committed to provide our staff the right training and tools for their roles. Staff are also encouraged to seek out training opportunities for the team to improve ourselves.

We strongly believe that as an employer we should ensure that our staff are able to excel in their chosen career paths. The result will a benefit for both the profession and industry.

LEW Training – In August 2013, QPM conducted its first series of LEW training sessions to prepare our staff for the LEW qualifications. The training concept is based on what fresh entrants into the accounting or financial industry face, working their way through qualifications such as the CPA or CFA certifications.

Initially conceptualised as an internal staff training session, this has progressed to include our business partners and selected client representatives. We are confident that with this sharing sessions, more qualified personnel can be produced, leading to better practices and higher work standards for our profession.

We are always looking out for dynamic and career-oriented individuals to join our QPM team.

Do you fit the bill? Contact us at for the opportunity to expand your knowledge base and develop your career path.

QPM @ Play! – Here in QPM we work and play hard. Besides our company trips, we fit bonding activities into our tight work schedules. So far, we have had events such as annual bowling nights, movie nights and football games with our clients and partners. As the company grows, we believe that such get-togethers will play a more important role in our company’s success.

Company Trips – At QPM, we have a tradition of having an overseas company trip annually. Starting from our trip to Bangkok in 2005, we has since toured around Perth, Hong Kong, Bali, Chiangmai, Taipei, Istanbul, Beijing and Xi’an. Sights and sounds in unfamiliar surroundings have enabled us to share unforgettable memories, enabling us to foster a close bond at both work and play.

QPM’s Trips

2005 – Bangkok, Thailand
2006 – Perth, Australia
2007 – Hong Kong, China
2008 – Bali, Indonesia
2009 – Chiangmai, Thailand
2010 – Taipei, Taiwan
2011 – Istanbul, Turkey
2012 – Beijing, China
2013 – Xi’an, China
2014 – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
2015 – Melbourne, Australia
2016 – Seoul, South Korea